Welcome to beautiful Sudret at Gotland. For booking requests: sanna@sannasfamily.se

House in the most southern part of beautiful island Gotland. Bedrooms with double beds are rented by the night. Minimum stay 2 days. Breakfast included. Dinner or lunch can be provided upon request. Prizes from 1750-2200 sek per night.

The house is also for rental for productions such as for photography or for filmteams. Food and catering can be provided but also location scouting and production aid. House has 5 double rooms for 10 people if double rooms can be shared. 

Owner has a long past working in the fashion industry aswell as in the restaurant business and will be able to treat it´s guests with both a filled wine cellar, great homecooking throughout the whole stay and if needed full production help with all from casting, booking and ground transportations. 

Gotland is stunning during the summer season with long beaches, possibilities of doing sports such as tennis and running, yoga or pilates by the pool, barbecues on a private beach, tranquility and a small restaurant life but even more better during off-season when the landscape is beautiful, the light amazing and scenery dramatic.

Gotland can be reached by plane from Stockholm (35 minutes flight from Bromma) or by (car) ferry (3 hours) from Nynäshamn.

For information and more pictures please email: